TreeferSoft provides ERP software for cannabis cultivators and processors. We deliver solutions for the biggest efficiency hurdles that cannabis producers face in their day-to-day operations.


Integrating with METRC, Biotrack THC Traceability, and Biotrack THC Core, we provide tools to simplify inventory operations. Operating in real time, procedures such as converting packages/lots, sublotting, moving rooms, creating items/products, adjusting quantities, etc. are instantly reflected in your state's seed-to-sale system ensuring 100% compliance. For MSO's operating in multiple states with disparate, state-mandated seed-to-sale platforms, our solution standardizes the user interface for employees that work in multiple markets.

Lab Reports

TreeferSoft makes accessing COA's and lab report data easy! We automate the process of inputting and retrieving lab report data and eliminate the introduction of keyboard error. Packages/lots that have passed their lab reports are automatically assigned their respective COA's. This allows users to download, review, and print lab report data for existing inventory instantly without the need to store COA's separately and track them down.


Compliance labeling is made easy with TreeferSoft! With automated lab reports and variable label templates, printing compliance labels is as simple as the click of a button. Pulling data from the associated lab report and seed-to-sale data, we eliminate the need for user keyboard entry and user error saving you hours of data entry when printing labels. Use our software to print your compliance data on your product labels on an automation line or to a standalone printer. Print box labels to label your cases as well!


Integrations with Leaftrade and Leaflink streamline the order fulfillment process. TreeferSoft provides inventory synchronization tools to automate the process of keeping your point of sale system's product list, pricing, and inventory updated. For Leaftrade, we even create batch level inventory to remove the tedious process of entering products, variants, cannabinoids, and COA's. In the order fulfillment process, you can print packing slips, add, remove, and modify line items on an order, create packages to fill the order, track the order fulfillment progress, and create transfer templates/manifests for your seed-to-sale system.


TreeferSoft provides reporting capabilities so that you don't have to accumulate data for spreadsheets on your own. In an instant, generate real time reports that are critical to knowing your production and sales needs. Use the Inventory PARS Report to find your production needs for your individual finished goods products. Use the Aging Report to know what packages/lots are expiriing soon and need to be sold quickly. If you have reporting needs that we don't currently offer, we can build it for you!